Thursday, June 12, 2014

Runny Days and Limpin' Nights

After five knee surgeries, I should have known better. My running days are over, or at least, they really should be.

But I miss running, in a slightly masochistic, I-miss-the-pain kind of way. So, when I heard about Tetrathlon, or the Pony Club version involving riding, running, swimming and shooting, the idea stuck in my head. "Why not?" the part of my brain said. That part that appears to be unconnected to the rest of my body.

The swimming was no problem. The riding could be ready if the weather and my horse cooperated. The shooting, I figured I could do because anybody can pull a trigger, right?

But the running. . . . . . ah the running.
Day 1 - I was able to hit my goal of 1/2 a mile and didn't die. Pathetic, I know, but a 1/2 mile is something.

Day 2 - that 1/2 mile felt pretty good.

Day 3 - I could barely walk - knee, hip, toe. . . it just wasn't going to happen.

I continued making attempts to swim more and run less. The pain went away. But there's a reality about 50 that I never came to terms with. I don't have to do everything.  I can do the things I want to do, except for running.

I'd rather ride than run. I will continue to miss running, but at least I can still ride.