Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Snuggled in for the Season

With eight days left before Christmas Day, I'm feeling remarkably at ease - as if I have all the time in the world to finish my to do lists and mail out those gifts to family in far flung locales. I know that next Tuesday will be here far sooner than I think and there will be panicking (isn't there always?) - but for now I am content to snuggle with a couple dogs and watch the enormous fluffy flakes drift to the ground outside my windows.

I am a very contented procrastinator. I feel no urgency or despair that I will not accomplish all that I intend to over the next week. All still feels possible. I will happily put off the chores I despise the most - wrapping presents and finding appropriately sized boxes to ship those gifts to Arizona. If I were super organized - I'd have it all done in time to send with my niece on the airplane and avoid having to ship anything. But she flies home on Thursday and I probably won't have it done by then.

But again. . . . that lapse of mine and failure to organize myself efficiently is causing me no stress at all. Instead, I'm wondering if I can find a pair of snow pants in a back closet that will fit the youngest kid. She sprouted three inches this past year and nothing fits. Still, she's always game to build a snow man and slide down the hill if I can dig up a pair from her older siblings that come close.

So snow pants and sledding is my only concern. Christmas will come whether I'm ready or not. And if all boxes on my list are not checked, I'm sure it will be merry all the same.

Wishing everyone peace, joy, contentment and warm wishes whatever it is you might be celebrating this year.

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  1. And you are blogging! Lovely post, and we had a similar snowy day. There's no room for frenetic activity when those flakes are blowing around and accumulating. Today, December 21st, warm and melty and a mere 4 days before Christmas is quite another story. Any dreams of shipping anything for under $1000 are hereby dashed.