Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I Killed Kari Dell in 100 words - Can you?

I'm having a lot of fun reading the entries in Janet Reid's contest over at her blog.  I had more fun writing the 100 words. You have a few hours left until the contest closes tomorrow morning (Thursday, June 27) at 9 am.

The rules are simple - 100 words or less. Write a story. Use these five words at least once: kill, Kari, dell, sheep, and codswallop.

I've been snorting and chortling over many of the entries and can't wait to see who is deemed the winner. (pick me! pick me!)


  1. New writing contest, 100 words or less, using the following:
    Lynn Rosemary blog slacker post

    Here's mine:
    Lynn ran frantically toward her truck. She had to get home to her laptop, she had to! She sprinted off the Greenway into the parking area.

    "Oh, not another one!" her mind screamed, as she came to a dead halt in front of it. There it was, a rough-hewn post, newly slammed into the earth, right next to the patch of ground where her truck was parked.

    It had not been there when she started her walk.

    Scrawled onto a shingle nailed to the top of the splintered wood were the words: "Here lies Rosemary, Blog Slacker. Where she has gone, so shall ye."

    Taking several terrified steps back, Lynn pulled her iPhone from her pocket. Giddy with relief, she saw she had service and frantically accessed her blog's dashboard.

    "New post ... new post ... new post ..." she muttered, as her fingers fumbled over the screen.

    "Time is up," gurgled a dirt-filled voice as Lynn felt a clutching sensation in her chest and dropped the phone. A dry, lifeless chuckle: "Yes, time is up."

  2. BWAAA HAAA HAA !! I am actually snorting out loud here in a room full of quiet elderly people. Thanks for the old kick in the seat, Ro!