Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Spring Fever

Spring. I love that word. It means so many things - a coiled bit of metal, a babbling brook, my favorite season of the year, a surprise movement. . . verb, adjective and noun, it is overworked, but I never tire of it. Yesterday, I did some spring cleaning. . . also some planting for Spring. My spring bulbs are all bursting out of the ground. Of course, there's the spring in my step as another beautiful day unfolds around me. 

My trusty dictionary (Random House Dictionary of the English Language) lists 45 separate definitions for "spring," including to wiggle something loose, to crack or split (as in a boat that springs a leak). 

One of the things I love about "spring" is how compact it is - just one syllable, just one little vowel smooshed between five strong consonants. The past tense is formed by swapping out that little "i" for an "a" or "u." How cool (and irregular) is that?

So yes, I love spring. 


  1. And what's not to like about ANYTHING that comes out of a "spring form" pan. Cheesecake,anyone?

  2. My all time favorite dessert! I adore cheesecake!
    Especially with some fresh spring berries.