Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Wednesday already?

As expected, nothing got done last week. Well, to be precise, no writing took place. College visits, horseback riding, a trip to the Cheesecake Factory - these things happened. I'm looking at the bright side - I know have more experiences to inform my writing. . . particularly my new YA novel.  This new book is about 1/3 completed. It will be a classic horse and girl story - a market that is saturated with great books for horse crazy girls. But, I think my take on the story is new and interesting and I really want to write it.

As for the Board of Dead - it will be sent out to agents. It's ready to go, just needs a last read for typos after my last round of edits.


  1. Um ... I wouldn't say the YA/MG market is saturated with "great" books ... it's just that if a girl is A. a reader and B. horse crazy, she'll read ANYTHING! And since I've actually read the ending of your book, I have to say it has chops (or should I say, muzzles!)

    Can't wait for Board of Dead!

  2. I'm obsessing over every sentence in Board of Dead. I'm changing and editing . . . . and not at all sure that it is actually getting better. Perhaps now would be a good time to send it off and let it go.