Saturday, April 13, 2013

Vacation!! (At least for the kids)

I should start by saying how much I love having my kids home on vacation. I'm one of those parents that prefers vacation days with the kids than sending them off to school.

That said - why do they have to be off this week? Really? I'm so close to completing my second (or is it my fifth) draft of The Board of Dead. I am ready to put all the pieces back together and send out the queries. I just need a few uninterrupted hours - just like 4 maybe. But it's almost impossible to find 20 minutes without somebody having a question or needing a ride somewhere.

And then there is the older child. The one who turned 16 recently. There will have to be a day of sitting at DMV just to get the learner's permit. Then somebody needs to ride shotgun in those first days of learning to drive. As wonderful as it will be to eventually have another driver in the house. . . .at this point, it's just one more thing I have to add to my day.

And then there is the weather. It is predicted to be 70 degrees or better all week. I can't resist the first warm days of spring. I know what will happen. I'll go out on the deck to fill the dog's water container and then I'll notice some bird seed shells that need sweeping, sticks that fell in yesterday's rain, spots that must be raked, dirt that should be shoveled. A 30 second chore will lead to 2 hours of diddling around outside.  This is what happens on a good day when it's 70 degrees.

When the kids are home on vacation, the entire day will be spent in glorious pursuits that will build memories, but not manuscripts.


  1. Yes, Lynn ... the weather is the main culprit this time of year. Besides "diddling around," it's the chief formenter of lollygagging, dilly-dallying, fiddling about, day dreaming, putzing, messing about and wool-gathering. It's awesome!

  2. It was a lousy day today - cold and windy - and now I'm frozen and tired from being outside all day long anyway. I wonder how much worse it will get if the weather actually improves. I might just go to bed now and try for a fresh start in the am.